Graffiti, Through Grief and Discovery

There was the glimmer of possibility in stories of bolt cutters and train yards and spray cans—possibilities of disruption and liberation.

Rothko at the Inauguration

A story of America in three scams.

The Strange Life of the Modlins

The world left their art behind, until a young man found a series of photographs blowing along a street in Spain.

'It's Not the Street Art That's Political, It's the City That's Political': Meeting Greece's Graffiti Artists

There is freedom that comes with the chaos of Athens, and that freedom is written all over its walls. 

The Assemblage of Norman Hasselriis

He walked away from the art world and filled a storefront in upstate New York with his unique sculptures. What happens to them now that he's gone? 

The Female Gaze of Sally Mann and Kim Kardashian West

In new books, Mann and Kardashian West exploit moments of subjectively felt beauty and power to capture the material world around them—one often, by default, represented through a male eye.

Deconstructing Selfies

Matthew L. Miller's "Can't You See It, I Am One" gallery show is a challenge to—and rejection of—one of the central tenets of self-portraiture: that the artist himself is the subject.

Bear Re-imagined

Marian Engel’s Bear was an award-winning Canadian novel relegated to the darkest recesses of literary history. But the Internet never forgets, and so to celebrate its return, we asked five illustrators to re-imagine the novel’s startling cover.

The Blueprint is Gone: Kim Adams’ Bruegel-Bosch Bus

Kim Adams’ Bruegel-Bosch Bus feels like an exploded toy chest—a sculpture set in an old Volkswagen, stuffed with action figures and other nostalgic ephemera. If it seems like Adams—the subject of a new Art Gallery of Hamilton retrospective—is playing ... well, good.