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Beige Foods Forever

They are often stewed foods, sometimes steamed or boiled. They are foods defined by their colours first—in this context, the lack of colour, the overall sameness, somehow gets misread as a fault.

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Where Are All These Journalists Going to Get a Sense of Self from Now?

Maybe I like being defined by my work! Did you ever think of THAT???

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A Requiem for Pitchfork

There’s a difference between a critic and a fan, but the line between them is receding from view.

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Discourse and the Dirt Rave

In the offline world, it’s totally possible for something to be great and terrible at the same time.

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Breaking the Infinite Content Loop

Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! encourages us to press eject. 

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I Can Feel My Heart Beating Just Fine On My Own

My Apple Watch told me, every day, how I was grinding myself down, but it didn’t particularly care.

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Berry Season

The bush pricked everyone’s fingers and provided handfuls of blush-red fruit for the price, if you were willing to pay it. Every summer I lived in that house I was glad to.

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The Human Pinterest

Travis Scott searches for Utopia after Astroworld.