‘Doubt Can Be a Formidable Ally’: An Interview with Josephine Rowe

The author of Here Until August on the cruelty of language, fiction as a form of introspection, and writing as an act against ventriloquism.

‘I Like Writing Stories That Get Carried Away’: An Interview with Michael DeForge

Talking to the author and artist of Leaving Richard’s Valley and Stunt about addressing working conditions in comics, benevolent cults, and the pleasure of soliloquies.

‘Identity is So Inconsistent’: An Interview with Jenny Heijun Wills

The author of Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. on which adoption narratives get to be good, surveillance, and memoir as reclamation. 

‘I Wanted to Write a Book That Felt Supernaturally Slippery and Alive’: An Interview with Sara Peters

Talking to the author of I Become a Delight to My Enemies about writing as a natural act (or not) that fixes your life (or doesn’t), humour as a balm, and the power of shame.

‘The Quest for Power Has Never Ended’: An Interview with Lara Prescott

The author of The Secrets We Kept on Doctor Zhivago, the Lavender Scare, and book burning.

Misunderstanding Magnus

A record of my failure to understand the world’s greatest living chess player. 

‘Owning the Taint of Artistry’: An Interview with Leslie Jamison

The author of Make It Scream, Make It Burn on being skeptical of skepticism and championing the ordinary. 

Magic Eraser Juice

Driving an ambulance in a opioid-torn city in the age of Narcan.

The Swimming Pool Library

This summer, I assigned myself the task of swimming home, moving through the neighborhoods and communities that, side by side, would bring me back to myself.

Searching for Duke

After years of whispers in her Polish community, Anna finally learned the truth about her father. And then she decided to go to Sri Lanka to find him.