A person in a rowboat wearing a yellow shirt rows out of a bank of fog into calm blue water. Streams of sunlight illuminate the front of the boat.
The Fog

For the first time, I understood despair and saw my children burning.

diptych of author Brandon Taylor and the jacket of his novel The Late Americans
‘Writing From the Whole of Life’: An Interview with Brandon Taylor

The author of The Late Americans on ecstatic first drafts, satirizing the MFA, and characters who stake their lives on art.

The cover of Bedroom Rapper by Rollie Pemberton, featuring an image of the author as a child wearing a Michael Jackson t-shirt, and Who is Wellness For by Fariha Roisin, featuring abstract swathes of warm colours blending into one another.
The Global Solidarity

Writers Rollie Pemberton (Bedroom Rapper) and Fariha Roisin (Who is Wellness For?) talk about coming of age artistically in predominantly white spaces, the power of vulnerability, and the intersection between capitalism and health.

A portrait of the columnist, wearing a white jacket, on an ochre background
Ludicrous Enough

On Martin McDonagh’s The Banshees of Inisherin.

Photo of woman with brown hair, glasses, and puppy, plus an orange book cover with a nude women spooning a male cardinal.
‘Why Be an Authentic Person? Who Does That Serve?’: An Interview with Jenny Fran Davis

The author of Dykette explores the tantalizing possibilities in stories of queer love.

An imagined image of Joyce Carol Vincent sitting in a peaceful meadow at sunset. She's surrounded by tall grass, and a pine tree is behind her. She hugs her knees and looks towards the viewer. The sky behind her is full of pink clouds.
Why Did Joyce Carol Vincent Die Alone?

I saw myself in the loneliness of her passing, and studied it for ways to avoid the same fate. 

Denis Johnson’s Redemption in the Margins

I’d been enthralled by his writing for some years, but I had to go see for myself how the man’s brain worked.

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