‘Telling the Story of Addiction Doesn’t Always Save You from the Experience Of It’: An Interview With Leslie Jamison

The author of The Recovering on archival addiction narratives, excavating how things get better, and sugar. 

The Bars Tell Stories

I’d returned to Puerto Rico to drink, yes, but more than that, to see how much—and how little—Hurricane Maria had changed things.

Elizabeth Taylor and the Myth of Blue Eye Shadow

As the actress sped around Rome wearing her makeup from the film Cleopatra, women everywhere embraced a bold look with a complicated history. 

Grace on the Inside

The reality of life in Canadian prisons, while improving, has been stark for many years. One figure, the prison chaplain, strives to humanize what can be a dehumanizing experience. 

My Mother’s Disappearances

Children like me, whose parents suffer from mental health issues, often become invisible ourselves.

Divining the Secrets of Human Connection

Searching for a meaningful bond among those who are paying to find it. 

What A Bullet Can Do

A shot from my father’s gun killed our neighbor and traced a trajectory through decades of guilt, shame, fear and anger. Unraveling the moment my family calls “the accident.”

The Problem of Here

Since returning to New York City, I’ve thought deeply about the ways trauma has estranged me from myself. Growth has meant restoring my relationship with my bodily experience.

Life and Death Online

As more and more friendships are built virtually, we must confront the nuances of grieving someone you’ve never met in person. 

Under the Hollywood Gaslight

Rose McGowan suffered from the worst of the Hollywood machine and reclaimed her body and her narrative. But her all-for-one methods have alienated fellow activists.