A chicken coop depicted in the moonlight
Chicken Tender

I learned to ignore the doubt that lapped at my ankles, a wave that rose every time I kissed him goodbye, left town for work or travel, and remembered, with a shock, how happily whole I felt alone.

An image of Chtanl against a colourful background.
Beige Foods Forever

They are often stewed foods, sometimes steamed or boiled. They are foods defined by their colours first—in this context, the lack of colour, the overall sameness, somehow gets misread as a fault.

A portrait of the author
Where Are All These Journalists Going to Get a Sense of Self from Now?

Maybe I like being defined by my work! Did you ever think of THAT???

A rendering of Anna Kashfi looks directly at the viewer. She wears a green shirt.
Illegal Bride

Days after Anna Kashfi wed the actor Marlon Brando, doubts about her purported Indian heritage surfaced, destroying her Hollywood career and branding her a liar. The truth was more complicated than anyone knew.

A portrait of the author
A Requiem for Pitchfork

There’s a difference between a critic and a fan, but the line between them is receding from view.

The authors beside the cover of the book
'She is a Witness to the Course of History': An Interview with Kent Monkman and Gisèle Gordon

The authors of The Memoirs of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle on creation stories, narrating suppressed accounts, and exposing subjectivity. 

A woman with stairs leading to a portal in her mind.
The Year in Grief

Drinking with my sister, and after she was gone.

A woman with stairs leading to a portal in her mind.
The Year in Practice Walks

Relearning to walk—and, more importantly, to see.