‘I’m Writing for Everybody Else, Too’: An Interview with Jesmyn Ward

The author of the National Book Award-winning Sing, Unburied, Sing on the pressure of accolades, discovering new stories and processing pain. 

‘Why Are We Always Food?’: An Interview with Celeste Ng

The author of Little Fires Everywhere on class markers, digging into the suburbs, and the depictions of East Asian characters in art. 

‘So Many People Are Allergic to Ideas of Spirituality’: An Interview with Jesse Jacobs

Talking to the Crawl Space cartoonist about putting characters in danger, the union between humans and nature, and the effects on his work of living in a beautiful place.

‘A Story That Begins with John Lennon and Ends with Donald Trump’: An Interview with Joe Hagan

The author of the new Jann Wenner biography Sticky Fingers on writing a book that angers its subject, the influence and legacy of Rolling Stone, and the narcissism of Baby Boomers.

‘A Reckoning with the Hardships of the Past and Present’: An Interview with David Chariandy

The author of Brother on inherited trauma, not telling stories that make Canada feel good, and how communities endure. 

The Science of Bringing Back Dead Animals: An Interview with Britt Wray

The author of Rise of the Necrofauna on cloning departed pets, important beetles, and the power of the northern white rhino. 

‘Happy is the Most Subversive Thing a Woman Can Be’: An Interview with Tabatha Southey

The author of Collected Tarts and Other Indelicacies on The Simpsons, pranks, and saying hello to puppies. 

‘That Story Keeps on Repeating Itself’: An Interview with Kei Miller

The author of Augustown on belief, class and racism in Jamaica, and unhappy endings. 

‘I Decided to Go With Humanity’: An Interview with Carol Off

The As It Happens host and author of All We Leave Behind on fighting to cover conflict as a female journalist in the ’80s, Canada’s refugee system, and maintaining a moral compass. 

‘People Like to Watch Feminism as a Spectacle’: An Interview with Lauren McKeon

The author of F-Bomb discusses men’s rights activists, the changes in modern feminism, and why the movement can’t be a monolith.