Diptych of book and author Elisa Gabbert
Which of Our Thoughts Are Interesting?: An Interview with Elisa Gabbert

The author of Any Person Is the Only Self on authorial trust, the occult of reading, and circles of heightened attention.

Diptych of author Hanif Abdurraqib and his book, There's Always This Year
Grief and Devotion on the Three-Point Line: An Interview with Hanif Abdurraqib

The author of There’s Always This Year on basketball, what drags him to the page, and the communal act of fasting.

Diptych of author Anthony Oliveira and the book cover for Dayspring
Crush on the Cross: An Interview with Anthony Oliveira

The author of Dayspring discusses queerness, Christianity, and the anxious sense that history is over.

Diptych of author Colin Barrett and the book cover of his novel Wild Houses
In the Kidnapper’s Kitchen: An Interview with Colin Barrett

The author of Wild Houses on peripheral main characters, small town lore, and growing up around people of “miscellaneous occupation.”

Diptych of author Jennifer Croft and the cover of her novel, The Extinction of Irina Rey
‘The Intimate Process That Takes Place Between’: An Interview with Jennifer Croft

The author of The Extinction of Irina Rey on writing a literary sitcom about life, death and climate change.

The authors beside the cover of the book
'She is a Witness to the Course of History': An Interview with Kent Monkman and Gisèle Gordon

The authors of The Memoirs of Miss Chief Eagle Testickle on creation stories, narrating suppressed accounts, and exposing subjectivity. 

A portrait of author Melissa Broder, wearing a leather jacket in front of trees, and the cover of her latest novel, DEATH VALLEY
'You're Tap-Dancing and Then It's Back to the Cave': An Interview with Melissa Broder

The author of Death Valley on writerly solitude, the demise of Twitter, and Best Western Grab 'n' Go breakfasts. 

Headshot of a blonde author in a brown turtleneck collaged with an image of her book cover.
‘Stories of Haunted Houses’: An Interview with Rachel Aviv

The author of Strangers to Ourselves on finding new ways to understand mental illness.

A portrait of the author, and her book cover
'We Must Allow the Hungrier, Weaker Parts of Ourselves': An Interview with Fancy Feast

The author of Naked: On Sex, Work, and Other Burlesques on the hot potato of performance art, the nutritiousness of filth, and exorcisms.

Caucasian male author standing with arms crossed against blue wall
‘I Built It Like a Listening Machine’: An Interview with Max Porter

The author of Shy on inherited ideas of care, suicidal ideation, and the erotics of bullying.