2023 in Review

What were we obsessed with, invested in and plagued by in 2023? Hazlitt’s writers reflect on the issues, big and small.

Jungle Boy

The brief, improbable Hollywood stardom of Sabu.


The Year in Researching Intimacy

What we learn from a scientific intimacy is more than just another way of looking at the term “intimacy” itself but to look away from that obscure, meaningless construct of intimacy as merely being close to one another.

The Year in Being Rich

We know the orcas are right to sink yachts but we can’t help but betray our infatuation with a certain lifestyle.

Jungle Boy

The brief, improbable Hollywood stardom of Sabu.

Jamie's Last Day of Term

Today I heard five Shakespearean insults walking along the corridor, and if I hear one more, it will be a good day, an even day.

Discourse and the Dirt Rave

In the offline world, it’s totally possible for something to be great and terrible at the same time.

'You're Tap-Dancing and Then It's Back to the Cave': An Interview with Melissa Broder

The author of Death Valley on writerly solitude, the demise of Twitter, and Best Western Grab 'n' Go breakfasts. 

‘Stories of Haunted Houses’: An Interview with Rachel Aviv

The author of Strangers to Ourselves on finding new ways to understand mental illness.

The Fence

On growing up trans in the Yukon.

Breaking the Infinite Content Loop

Please Unsubscribe, Thanks! encourages us to press eject. 

'We Must Allow the Hungrier, Weaker Parts of Ourselves': An Interview with Fancy Feast

The author of Naked: On Sex, Work, and Other Burlesques on the hot potato of performance art, the nutritiousness of filth, and exorcisms.