detail of an air-conditioned on a yellow wall.
Breaking and Entering

Random was what life did best, Bea thought. It conferred cancer on the virtuous, drunk drivers on the unsuspecting, it matched noble wives to unfinished men, wickedness to wealth, weakness to power.

A man and a woman stand together against a building while the woman smokes. It is nighttime. Against the reflection of the building, the man's reflection appears as his dead wife's ghost.
A Haunting for Beck

Beck didn’t believe in an afterlife, but he was starting to think that this was what people meant by ghosts. There was something there, he craned his mind toward it: something about ghosts. 

A neon sign shaped like a pink flamingo.
Shorthorns / Oxblood Gator Skin Seats

You know, Lady, I ain’t trying to start nothing, but a bunch of people’s saying you’re the best thing breathing.

Two figures in a camping chair, watching a fantastical universe with constellations and flowers in a night sky
Darling Strangelet

Starting at 1:47 a.m., BC emergency dispatch started receiving 911 calls about an older, ruby-red Ford Taurus with no licence plate being driven erratically on Highway 16, headed east toward Prince George.

An image of a pink and orange-tinted cloud on a black background.
The First Poet

What does a person who is universally loved need saving from anyway?


Even half a decade after the news cycle washed its hands of the matter I could still recall details with ease. Though I preferred not to.

Mickey Mouse’s Bait Dogs

Pregnant potcakes from Belize and Cuba, foster failures from Miami-Dade, puppies found in trash bins.

God, We Were Married!

It was the best first wedding we could have asked for. But it wasn’t enough! Clearly!


In Dolor, we had no concept of damage. Time was the closest to damage we knew.

The Hijack

Olivia Robinson was and is much worse than I am. She’s also, in the sense that matters to her and to our world, much greater.