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The First Time I Went to a Psychic

It’s a far sexier prospect to meet with a clairvoyant for fifty minutes than to sift through a year’s worth of all your broken-hearted mind-junk in therapy.

The First Time I Ate an Oyster

God had taken someone from me, I reasoned, and I could inhale some of his creatures in exchange. 

The First Time I Ate Pistachio Pudding

The fear of one day losing touch with Chinese culture compels me to shout my heritage just a little bit louder than my husband’s—including resisting things like casseroles and Jell-O.

Waterpark, with Occasional Nazis

There’s nothing like trying to face your fears and reclaim your childhood to remind you that everything you believed was good and pure is a lie.

Call of the Mild

Friends I trust, who have their lives more figured out than I do, swear by camping. It nagged at me like all unattempted things in adult life: can I actually do this?

The First Time I Heard ‘When Doves Cry’

When Prince died, I found myself instantly transported back to that day in 1984 when I realized just how big music could be, how much it could contain.

The First Time I Watched a Bollywood Movie

My fair-play attitude towards enjoying any genre of film has one notable exception.

The First Time I Painted a Painting

“ ‘What legacy will I leave behind tonight,’ I thought to myself as I sipped my Rioja and a couple behind me earnestly called each other ‘babe’ every minute or so.”