Year in Review

An image of a woman clutching her hands to her chest. Around her float many eyes, and a staircase leads to a door in her mind.
The Year in Being Rich

We know the orcas are right to sink yachts but we can’t help but betray our infatuation with a certain lifestyle.

The Year in Going Home

There’s a one-sidedness to the second-generation relationship. The homeland looms large in our imagination but we don’t in theirs.

The Year in the Thrift Store

 I didn’t want to know what I was looking for. I didn’t want to search or bid. What I wanted was the dream.

The Year in Dogs

As grief shaped daily life over the past three years, one of the few things that has reliably brought me comfort  is helping my dog be brave.

The Year in a Travel Visa

There was something about the country where I was born that had always eluded me.

The Year in Medieval Erotics

It seems this year’s offerings from the Dark Ages want to raise a carnal, earthy prayer to the present age. 

The Year in Empathy

People arrive at the ER every day looking for my help, and the uncomfortable truth is that I’m often so overwhelmed that I struggle to connect with them.

The Year in Stupid Tattoos I'm Sure I Won't Regret

I’m the first woman in the world to get a tattoo because she’s sad! I invented it!

The Year Inside and Out

There is something exciting about anticipating a space before it is inevitably interfered with by a human—what might also be called living.

The Year in Running

Runners were perfectly suited for 2020. You’re telling us we get to stay more than breathing distance away from any other people? What’s the catch?