The Year in Healing

When I finally managed to get out of bed and return to my life, I was determined to be an expert on how to grieve. I was going to fuck grief up so hard.

The Year in Video Gaming

In the aftermath of a video game, I find myself ready to emerge into 2020 afresh, anew, and aglow from a screen of pixels and a well-rested body crusted with mineral.

The Year in Naps

The days go so fast, you have to steal the nights, and when all the nights slip away, that’s it. I’m not ready.

The Year in Mysterious West Virginia

These people, these murder victims—the only thing separating their fate and mine is a thin hair of the intangible.

The Year in Canine Curatives

A dog could serve as another guard against the depression that I finally couldn’t ignore. 

The Year in Martinis

The protests wound their way into the fabric of our days. Political struggle emerged naturally and sustained itself naturally. 

‘It Shows the Many Different Forms Depression Can Take’: An Interview with Morgan Parker

The author of Who Put This Song On? on emo, mental health, and the Obama years. 

‘Masculinity is in Pieces’: An Interview with Deborah Levy

The author of The Man Who Saw Everything on modernist structure, novelistic characters, and David Lynch. 

‘Works of Art Are Made Out of Patterns’: An Interview with Ben Lerner

The author of The Topeka School on finishing a trilogy, maternal linguistic influence, and psychology. 

‘We Put Extra Emphasis on the Sexy Stuff Because That Was His Shit’: An Interview with Ellis Martin and Zach Ozma

Talking to the editors of We Both Laughed in Pleasure: The Selected Diaries of Lou Sullivan about trans representation, the process of editing private writing, and why history is gay.