A pregnant person sits in a darkened room, looking out the window at the constellations.
The Body She's In

We have more tools than ever to tell us about our children before they're born. But disability screenings raise complicated—potentially dangerous—possibilities. 

Signs of Life

On the surreal nature of secondary trauma.

Melancholy Letters

I’ve spent most of my life reading literature that made me laugh. But something has changed.

Towards a New Horizon

During quarantine, I've been trying to remind myself that I've always been able to find inspiration for a better life.

Get the Lead Out

Our ancestors were born to die by predators. We are born to die by products.

Mine for Life

On the shame of mentorship.

The Desiring Self

I have begun to obsess about this one kiss. A kiss. What the hell difference would a kiss make?

The Swimming Pool Library

This summer, I assigned myself the task of swimming home, moving through the neighborhoods and communities that, side by side, would bring me back to myself.

Good Faith

How queer BDSM and sex work helped me to refuse an inheritance of indoctrination.

The Disneyland of Death

Described as a theme park necropolis, Forest Lawn Cemetery created a new template for posthumous culture in North America.