Giving Up the Ghost

Life and death by misadventure.

A Stranger’s Pleasure

Overheard intimacy pulls the listener into its orbit, insinuating complicity where there is none. 

Crazy Wisdom: A Love Story

My parents’ bizarre, unlikely matchmaker, the cult leader.

The Wrong Kind of Science

My grandmother had no way of knowing a book on birds, sent from Russia when I was a child, would determine my adult fascinations. 


I knew we were only going to Rulo to make up for his getting so drunk he slept in. Rulo was an apology.

Water or Sky?

This wasn’t the first time I had become obsessed with drowning.

Leaving the House

Sometimes I think I can identify men who have daughters. 

Mommy Queerest

Mom wasn’t interested in being the type of mother—or wife—who put her own life on the back burner

Entering the House

Prepared for every situation, even pandemic, mothers should be the ones on TV when our nation is under attack by terrorists or viruses.

Epcot World Showcase

Every sixteen minutes the couple in the film gets married. Every sixteen minutes they kiss like they wish they could take it back.