A collage of a hand pouring coffee into a cup, the golden arches of a McDonald's sign, feet on a massage table, a hand holding a woman's hair, and a woman smoking, all against a star-studded night sky.
We Are All Animals at Night

Working night shifts was exhausting, but it showed me a side of humanity and community I haven’t experienced since.

A woman entering a colourful, empty bar
The Barmaid

The underpaid part-time job is a cornerstone of teenage life. None shaped me more than the year I spent  in our town's “premier fun pub.”

A person in a rowboat wearing a yellow shirt rows out of a bank of fog into calm blue water. Streams of sunlight illuminate the front of the boat.
The Fog

For the first time, I understood despair and saw my children burning.

On Hope

When my husband suffered a stroke, I was determined that this was not going to be the thing that unwound our love.

The Best Worst Year

On pregnancy and grief during pandemic lockdown.

My Experience In a School Shooting

“Not here, not this school.” Until it is.

Giving Up the Ghost

Life and death by misadventure.

A Stranger's Pleasure

Overheard intimacy pulls the listener into its orbit, insinuating complicity where there is none. 

Crazy Wisdom: A Love Story

My parents' bizarre, unlikely matchmaker, the cult leader.

The Wrong Kind of Science

My grandmother had no way of knowing a book on birds, sent from Russia when I was a child, would determine my adult fascinations.