2023 in Review

What were we obsessed with, invested in and plagued by in 2023? Hazlitt’s writers reflect on the issues, big and small.

Hazlitt's Year in Review

The Year in Grief by Amos Barshad

Drinking with my sister, and after she was gone.

The Year in Practice Walks by Richa Kaul Padte

Relearning to walk—and, more importantly, to see.

The Year in Researching Intimacy by Georg Barkas

What we learn from a scientific intimacy is more than just another way of looking at the term “intimacy” itself but to look away from that obscure, meaningless construct of intimacy as merely being close to one another.

The Year in Being Rich by Anne T. Donahue

We know the orcas are right to sink yachts but we can’t help but betray our infatuation with a certain lifestyle.

Our most-read feature of the year:

The Big Coin Heist by Alex Huls

It was a piece of currency so large it seemed unimaginable anyone would try to steal it. But that was part of the appeal.

Our most-read column of the year: 

Unwritten Recipes by Chantal Braganza 

Anyone who’s lived long enough to learn to feed themselves likely has some kind of biographical dish.

The author of Saving Time discusses actors versus automatons, and existing between the margins of the “unforgiving timetable world.”

Our most-read fiction of the year: 

God, We Were Married! by Sasha Fletcher

It was the best first wedding we could have asked for. But it wasn’t enough! Clearly!