A close up of Tina Horn's book cover, reading Kink in purple letters on a black background
Swimming in a Sea of Bodies

I've long thrilled to the idea of being surrounded by people of all genders in the throes of passion, being able to appreciate them appreciating one another.

Perverts Like Us

There was a creative storytelling aspect to sex, and a form of intimacy we didn't share with boys.

Sucking the Fun Out of Fellatio

An act that rarely involves blowing and only occasional labor, “blow job” sounds like something created by a thirsty Marxist, a guy as alienated from his own pleasure as he is from his work.

A History of Horny

On the evolution of a word that feels eminently like itself, from animalistic allusions to rivers of lava-like semen.

The Baudy, Electric

A great heaving portion of pleasure comes from the mystery of sex. No wonder humans most often use metaphors to talk about fucking. 

Al Goldstein: The Anti-Hef

This week, Al Goldstein—the oversized pornographer with the oversized mouth and libido—died of renal failure. Our writer tracks the Screw founder from his humble, filthy beginnings to his deathbed in Brooklyn, days before he passed.

The Godfather of Gonzo Porn

Jamie Gillis’ On the Prowl was the first gonzo porn video ever shot, spawning a genre that now dominates the Internet, and the minds of many men. But is gonzo today what its creator—intellectual, urbane, disgusting, and sometimes downright evil—had in mind?