‘Horniness Recollected in Tranquility’: An Interview with Hermione Hoby

Talking to the author of Virtue about writing as shedding self-consciousness, the impossibility of living an uncompromised life in a compromised world, and Toni Morrison’s bathroom.

‘We’re All Living Through Their Civil War’: An Interview with Peter Mitchell

Talking to the author of Imperial Nostalgia about the complex British relationship to class, culture war diversions, and toppling statues.

‘There’s So Much Harm That Can Come From Love’: An Interview with Brenda Peynado

Talking to the author of The Rock Eaters about organizing a short story collection, lingering in the complexity of a question, and the inevitably of sorrow (and, hopefully, beauty).

‘I Think It’s Important to Tell It Like It Is’: An Interview with Liv Albert

Talking to the author of Greek Mythology: The Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes Handbook about feminist translations of The Odyssey, the whitewashing of ancient Greece, and the link between white supremacy and classics.

‘There’s Just No Excuse for What Memoir Does to the People in Our Lives’: An Interview with Margaret Kimball

The author of And Now I Spill the Family Secrets on contradictory memories, record-keeping, and ways to articulate grief.

“We Have to be Brave Enough to Be Vulnerable”: An Interview with Laura Raicovich

The author of Culture Strike: Art and Museums in an Age of Protest on the myth of neutrality, collective culture, amd museums’ responsibility.

‘I Would Not Ever Give Anyone the Raw Experience’: An Interview with Donika Kelly

Talking to the author of The Renunciations about structuring a book of poetry, living with myths, and caring for yourself and others when writing about trauma. 

‘Part of Being Young is How Much You Notice’: An Interview with Scarlett Thomas

The author of Oligarchy on teenaged girls, hierarchies within hierarchies, and the great confidence tricks of capitalism. 

‘There’s No Public Health Without a Public’: An Interview with Geoff Manaugh and Nicola Twilley

The authors of Until Proven Safe on the ongoing pandemic, the history of quarantine, and our existential precarity.