‘You Should Wear It Because No One Else Is Wearing It’: An Interview with Christian Allaire

The author of The Power of Style on clothes as cultural signifiers, Indigenous ribbon shirts, and pushing past the performativity of representation in fashion.

‘More Than Identity, Queer is an Action, a Location’: An Interview with Arisa White

Talking to the author of Who’s Your Daddy about the translation of dreams, occupying edges and margins, and why language is not innocent.

‘This is Not a Book That is Enthusiastic About Humanity’: An Interview with Carrie Jenkins

Talking to the author of Victoria Sees It about books as mirrors, institutional violence in the academy, and misanthropy.

‘The Work That Hadn’t Been Done Was Bringing These Men to Life on the Page’: An Interview with Elon Green

The author of Last Call on writing difficult-to-read books, true crime, and finding queer community in ’90s piano bars. 

‘You Need a Lot of Stamina to Make Comics’: An Interview with Paul Pope

The cartoonist on analogue versus digital art, post-punk rock musician Rowland S. Howard, and his idea for a “Tao of comics.”

‘I Was Always After the Better Story’: An Interview with Sandi Tan

The author of Lurkers on growing up in Singapore, thought experiments, and falling out of narrative.

‘It’s A Very Violent Feeling’: An Interview with Megan Nolan

The author of Acts of Desperation on labels flattening experience, toxic relationships, and writing through pain. 

‘I Find It Strange That Bodies Can Have Eras’: An Interview with andrea bennett

The author of Like a Boy but Not a Boy on overalls, gender binaries, and Kim Kardashian. 

‘You Fight Until It Is Defeated’: An Interview with Ruby Hamad

The author of White Tears/Brown Scars on white feminism, neo-imperialism, and white women as instruments of power. 

‘We All Have to Become Philosophers’: An Interview with Vivian Gornick

The author of Taking a Long Look on neighbourhoods, lost writers, and transitional generations.