The Junket

I am now one of a small number of people to have actually seen The Four in the flesh. Well, not quite the flesh.

Beanstalk Country

“This is meant to be the loneliest part of the ride.”

Accident Waiting to Happen

They had only been married a year and she knew with absolute certainty that his mother would blame her for this.

I Know You Are You, and Real

Now, what wouldn’t I give to swim in my sister’s dirt?

All Saints’ Mountain

I asked about the children we were to study: who were they, why were they to undergo the test, what was the purpose of our program? Though I also knew it wasn’t any of my business.

The Stunt

I can’t imagine where I’d be if they knew my version of what happened.

The Origin of Species

At first, it was just this hazy glow on the horizon, but then it got brighter and took on more of a definite shape. It was almost as if—it’s weird to say it, even now—it was looking for us.

In the Woods with a Dead Dog

It couldn’t happen without effort. Nothing happened without effort, except catastrophe.


You know what you want.

The View from the Top of the Stair

When her father died, her second thought was that now, she could build her stairs.