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‘Talent, In Some Ways, Is a Little Bit of a Thief’: An Interview with Alexander Chee

The author of How to Write an Autobiographical Novel on reading Tarot cards, working with traumatic material and why writers timeshare their bodies.

‘People Have Connections That You Wouldn’t Dream Of’: An Interview with Michelle Dean

The author of Sharp: The Women Who Made an Art of Having an Opinion on illusions about the lives of working writers, trends in criticism, and how writers make money.

‘You Want to be Surrounded by Weirdness’: An Interview with Anna Haifisch

The author of Von Spatz on the relationship between creativity and mental health, deer-drawing and Disney, and the allure of American landscapes. 

‘You Have to Be Slightly Uncomfortable to Walk Down the Street and Notice Things’: An Interview with Sloane Crosley

The author of Look Alive Out There on neighbours, Generation X, and pot-smoking hippies in Northern California. 

‘Telling the Story of Addiction Doesn’t Always Save You from the Experience Of It’: An Interview With Leslie Jamison

The author of The Recovering on archival addiction narratives, excavating how things get better, and sugar. 

‘The TV Industry is Massively Fracturing’: An Interview with Joy Press

The author of Stealing the Show on the provocative power of representation, tracing female characters from Mary Tyler Moore to Broad City’s Abbi and Ilana, and why it’s strange that we still call it television. 

‘You Don’t Look in the Mirror and Mentally Remark on Your Asianness All the Time’: An Interview with Kim Fu

The author of The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore on summer camps, inexplicit racism and the rarity of male authors who can write believable women characters.

‘I Wanted to Bait the Male Gaze While Also Satirizing It’: An Interview with Andrea Werhun and Nicole Bazuin

The author and photographer behind Modern Whore on persona, myth, and “transforming a universal victim into her rightful position as hero.”

‘The Kind of Faith That Was Begging to be Shattered by Complexity’: An Interview with Kate Harris

The author of Lands of Lost Borders speaks with her editor about travel, Virginia Woolf, and deciding not to go to Mars.

‘Conversations Are the Only Things That Will Dissolve Difference’: An Interview with Aanchal Malhotra

The author of Remnants of a Separation: A History of the Partition through Material Memory, on  remembering a past “lodged in between the cracks of memory.”