‘We Are Stuck in Structures We Depend On and Want to Reject All at Once’: An Interview with Jenny Hval

The author of Girls Against God on self-censorship, feeling liberated from form and logic, and writing to exist.

‘It’s Powerful to Let People Love You with a Name that You Chose for Yourself’: An Interview with Zeyn Joukhadar

The author of The Thirty Names of Night on navigating coming out, the wisdom of survival, and the possibility of infinite genders.

‘Experiencing Joy is Revolutionary’: An Interview with Randa Jarrar

The author of Love is an Ex-Country on freedom of speech, road trips, and claiming space. 

‘Power Isn’t Necessarily a Blunt-Force Instrument’: An Interview with Te-Ping Chen

Talking to the author of Land of Big Numbers about blurring the boundaries between realism and fabulism, living in perpetual awareness of the state, and traveling in China as time travel.

‘How Much Suffering is Acceptable?’: An Interview with Melissa Broder

The author of Milk Fed on eating disorders, stand up comedy, and masturbating while your block is on fire. 

‘It Was Like Playing Around with the Blood of the Alphabet Itself’: An Interview with Patricia Lockwood

Talking to the author of No One Is Talking About This about transcendent misspellings, the perils of mentioning McDonald’s in poetry, and the Internet at its best.

‘There’s Been a Kind of Erasure of the Pervert’: An Interview with Jeremy Atherton Lin

Talking to the author of Gay Bar about the complexities of queer spaces, the relationship between capitalist culture and liberation, and the thrill and privilege of engaging with risk.

‘Speak Within the Group and Everyone Else Can Keep Up’: An Interview with Torrey Peters

The author of Detransition, Baby on a trans worldview, resisting investing in illusions, and novellas-as-conversation. 

‘The Last Gasp of Capital Punishment’: An Interview with Maurice Chammah

The author of Let the Lord Sort Them on the death penalty, Texas mythology, and retribution as organizing principle. 

‘Fantasies of Being Found Out’: An Interview with Lauren Oyler

Talking to the author of Fake Accounts about writing for magazines versus writing a novel, leaning too heavily on structural devices in fiction, and books that could use more sentences.