Was It Worth It? The Gretzky Trade, 25 Years Later

Wayne Gretzky wasn’t the first athlete to agree to play in a warmer climate in front of less demanding fans, and he won’t be the last. That doesn’t mean his trade from Edmonton to L.A. wasn’t an affront to the gods…

Fidel Castro: Revolutionary, Dictator, Sportswriter

For the longtime Communist leader, sports were as much a hallmark of his legacy as they were a tool to trumpet the revolution’s triumphs. As a writer, though, he wasn’t always as different from your average sports columnist as you might expect.

Filipino Basketball Comes to Whitehorse

Over the last decade, the Yukon’s Pinoy community has grown from 150 people to more than 2,000. Things are changing up north, and the region’s Filipinos—and one particular basketball league—are a part of it.

We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Cheer: A Toronto Blue Jays 2013 Narrative Guide

Even for die-hards and true believers, the baseball season can be a slog. Luckily, this year’s Toronto Blue Jays roster—the most hope-inducing in decades—boasts such a rich collection of literary-style backstories and archetypes, you can be…

An Investigation into Sports Fan Misery

Whether they’re cheering for the anemic Toronto Raptors or hoping Steve Nash plays long enough to win a championship, most fans eventually learn that caring deeply about sports is, well, terrible. And wonderful. But mostly terrible….