How Canada Fell in Love with the Stanley Cup

From fans to telegraph operators to a troupe of determined players from the Klondike, here’s how Stanley Cup Fever spread across the country.

The Art of the Box Score

It’s hard to enjoy baseball if you don’t know what you’re looking for. And the box score teaches you how to do just that.

The Canadian Who Faced Down Ali

George Chuvalo lost both of his fights with Muhammad Ali, but went the distance in each match—just a few of the times, in boxing as in life, he was pushed to the brink.

The Tallest Man on Turf

On levels of fandom, the limits of myth in sports, and why someone would draw 185 portraits of Randy Johnson with no intention of ever selling them.

Ring Leaders: Inside the League of Lady Wrestlers

How a Yukon art project became a national phenomenon of sold-out shows, dream selves and subversive sexuality. 

I Hope the Mets Lose Because I’m Queer

The Mets are a long-running dramatic play that has little to do with winning baseball and everything to do with embodying pain. If they win, they’ll experience something their fans rarely do: victory.

Meaningful Games in September

The Toronto Blue Jays making the playoffs for the first time in 22 years provokes the familiar pull of nostalgia, but much has changed for city and team alike.

The Journeywoman

No one ever said being a professional boxer would be easy, but for the sport’s women, it seems almost impossible—and rarely worth it.

Mercury in Gatorade

Despite the rise of analytics in sports journalism, we still talk about basketball as though it’s magic.

How to Fix a Soccer Game

In this excerpt from The Fix: Soccer and Organized Crime, Declan Hill investigates the intricacies of match-fixing in soccer: how fixes are arranged, how they’re signalled, and how everyone gets paid.