2015 in Review

The Year in Two Kinds of Failure

There is the failure to do what’s expected of me, and the failure to do what I expect of myself.

The Year in Being Orphaned

It's strange to have moments of gratitude for something that’s slowly ruining a person you love.

The Year in Absent Endings

The things we hope for in life—stability, moments of unexpected joy and recognition, the creation of a kind of legacy—are the same things many of us look for in what we read, and in what we write.

The Year in Islamophobia

Islamic terrorism hasn’t occurred in a vacuum. If people wanted to hear from Muslims, they could have asked us a long time ago.

The Year in Fuckable Power

Desire humiliates you; channel it upwards.

The Year in Scarlet and Grey

The homogeneity in a week’s worth of Midwestern skies is rivalled only in the unspooling of a single day.

The Year in Taking Credit Away from Drake

Credit has always been a nebulous idea in the world of hip-hop.

The Year in Sobbing Towards Change

Why do something if you're just going to cry about it? 

The Year in Literature of Urban Disquiet

Cities change, and the way that writers write about them changes as well. A place's past can act as a kind of call to arms, or it can become the backdrop for a different kind of story.