The Disappearing Act

As I’ve been continually erased by men, I’ve grown obsessed with remembering the women history forgot. 

Confessions of a Sexual Skeptic

Has sex positivity become alienating?

Fear and Trembling in Las Vegas

A week with the street preachers of Sin City.

Know Your History, Know Your Greatness

In Canadian schools, Black history is too often left off the curriculum. Small heritage sites are trying, despite the odds, to ensure the next generation hears these stories.

Which Foot Do You Kick With?

For me and everyone else, football in Belfast is coded, but this year, I felt comfortable cheering for both Irish teams. The politics of Brexit, however, has no room for between-ness. 

Hunger Makes Me

A man’s appetite can be hearty, but a woman with an appetite—for food, for sex, for simple attention—is always voracious: she always overreaches, because it is not supposed to exist.

Right of Way

Three proposed pipelines. Two sides in opposition. And one woman in a cabin in the woods who isn’t leaving until the energy companies go home.

Guilt Upon the Body

The Hillsborough Disaster and the inquest into it were about lying cops. After 27 years, the right words are finally being used to talk about the dead.

Three Refugees

Flirting with crime, pushed toward activism, ensconced in ennui: here are three sketches from Berlin, where tens of thousands of asylum-seekers have brought just as many stories with them.

Women Do What They Need To Do To Survive

Our preconceived notions about sexual assault have far-reaching, dangerous consequences.