The Newspaper Didn't Love Me Back

I felt, at once, embarrassed to be laid off, sad about the ending of something great in my life, bitter about what was happening, and completely bewildered as to what I was supposed to do next.

Our 2015 NMA Nominations

Another year of blood feuds has paid off.

'I Only Read It For The Interviews'

Playboy has always relied on a balance between the erotic and the literary, and its long interviews are the most consistent asset for the latter. But what's that identity worth in 2015?

Here's to a More Incredulous Age

The Vanity Fair of today embodies a certain sort of lavishness—an often unironic appreciation of and yearning for rich people things. It wasn't always this way.

How Predators Get Away With It

Why the Canadian media must do more to challenge its own sexism. And speak out against the abusers in its midst.

Vice: We've Been Had, and We Let It Happen

How a trio of "punk capitalists" killed the counterculture and beat big media at its own game.

Netflix Is Not Our Friend

The CRTC’s interrogation of Netflix may have lacked grace, but the fact that we like the service the way it is isn’t an argument against regulations that all Canadian broadcast media must follow.

What Questions Can You Ask Mike Tyson?

The former boxer's ongoing redemption tour hit a snag when a Toronto TV reporter asked him about his criminal past. That people sided with Tyson showed just how little we expect of these interviews.