2014 in Review

The Recommender: All the Best of 2014

All (well, some of) the books, music, films and TV shows Hazlitt's staff found and enjoyed this year.

The Year in Thickness

On love and desire in the time of "I like them BBW."

The Year in Dinner

On keeping your loved ones fed, whether they like it or not.

'You People Are So Patient'

2014 felt like a long, cruel object lesson in disappointment. Should we really have expected better?

The Year In Being Less of a Liar

On finally telling your parents you have romantic feelings for a fellow adult.

The Year in Catching Up

On clearing out your cultural backlog, one Breaking Bad binge-watch at a time.

How the Essay Was Won And Where It Got Us

From Leslie Jamison to Roxane Gay to Charles D'Ambrosio, 2014 was a perhaps uncommonly good year for essays. How did we get here?

2014 Is Not A List

On the insufficiency of numbers, black metal turned aggressively queer and danceable, and finding that certain brand of black cherry lipstick.