Hating/Loving Donna Tartt And Waiting For Wishbone

By Hazlitt

The record label Jade Tree apparently heard the #emorevival whispers on the wind and has made every single album in its catalogue available to stream (and purchase) on Bandcamp. We guess you could say that at least … one thing feels good. Eh? Eh?

Oh man, you guys, REMEMBER WISHBONE??

The very great Leslie Jamison, author of this year’s essay collection The Empathy Exams, has signed a deal for two more books with Little, Brown. Publishing is saved!

Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch, the best book of 2013, is the worst book ever written.

Chris Crocker: Right about Britney, possibly a lot more?

“Ishmael Reed, probably.” The art of the epigraph.


The grownup in this linker finds this story touching and sweet. All the other parts of this linker are giggling, disturbed, other things.

Amazing T-Shirt Provokes White Supremacists

"She makes tough decisions. She’s (ugh, why does this matter so much for women?) relatable. She’s a remarkable woman. In some ways, it’s like the quiet before the storm, before the 2016 presidential campaign descends into a cloud of toxicity. Enjoy it while you can."

The Islamic militant group Isis, having just seized four cities in Iraq, seems to be on the brink of war with just about everyone with an interest in the Middle East. And it might be winning.

The A.V. Club is reviewing Lost all over again if you would also like to feel very angry all over again.