Nocturnal Genius, Diurnal Violence

By Hazlitt

Why are they (armed) patriots at Cliven Bundy’s compound in Nevada, but (unarmed) rioters in Ferguson, Missouri?

“What you’re trying to do is make something that structurally maps the text. So if there is some unintentional profundity, it has to do with the way the author has written the book and the way the reader has read the book. You’re gonna bring your own experience and feelings to bear on it.” The Awl talks to Alfred A. Knopf associated art director Peter Mendelsund about designing book covers.

An oral history of New York’s Approval Matrix.

“The longer you remain in the world, regardless of whether or not you procreate, the larger your investment in it. It gradually feels more like it belongs to you, and you to it, and you are less of an outlier.”

“Algorithms have consequences.” Why what happens to #ferguson affects Ferguson.

"You maced the wrong guy!" Terrifying. 

"It is too gigantic, pedantic, tedious. It is not intelligent, though it is the work of genius—in the most nocturnal and Germanic sense of that bad word." Borges ethers Citizen Kane.