Colbert Promoted, Hours Eroded, and Juicers Loaded

By Hazlitt

John Joseph of the Cro-Mags has some juicing tips for you (among them, “diets are for jerkoffs”). 

Stephen Colbert will be taking over from Letterman on the Late Show, but if you haven’t seen him on Strangers With Candy, consider that your homework for this weekend.

Also he sings a lot, so you have that to look forward to.

“We don’t fall in love with live basketball, at least not at first, because of beautiful down screens or crisp defensive rotations or true shooting percentages. It’s the atmosphere that does it, the feeling of being gathered into something bigger and stronger than oneself. It’s something I almost can’t even see anymore, except through her.” Steve McPherson takes his daughter to her first NBA game.

Hazlitt contributing writer Haley Mlotek writes for ADULT about the relationship between censorship and the erotic.

Spring has sprung (knock wood), so go paddle through some filthy water already.

“I found fascinating tidbits in such apparently dull places as the annually published municipal reports; for instance, the fact that Jenny’s sole item of property at the time of her death—her Colt pistol, which she was always flashing around in bars—actually belonged to a pawnbroker.” Emma Donoghue on the inspirations behind her new book, Frog Music.

“Ahhhh, zis is ze life!” – A Frenchman after 6pm.

Cory and Topanga are back, looking exactly like they did 14 years ago, but… different.

Just one of many friendly reminders to keep worrying about the flu.

On the evolution of Kim Kardashian’s politics

Philip Roth would like to suggest a slight revision to John Updike … in the face.

My god, it’s full of teens. (Maybe you.)


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