CBC Saves, Racist Raves, and Leslie Knope More

By Hazlitt

The CBC may not make good TV shows, but they saved a hostage journo from pro-Russian gunmen in Ukraine so that’s cool! 

We may be nearing the end with Leslie Knope, that might be okay. (Somewhat related: the disturbing baby-trend on sitcoms.) 

A neutral Internet is hard to get behindan unequal Internet is easy to be against.”

Just wanted to reach out about this—no pressure if you don’t have the capacity for it at the moment, but you might want to circle back around when you’ve got some time to drill down into it.

Alice Cooper doesn’t understand teenagers who play banjo and sing about oil spills

Gawker: 1. Quentin Tarantino: 0

“Prick a movement built on white supremacy and it bleeds … white supremacy.” Ta-Nehisi Coates on comically racist bog-creature Cliven Bundy is essential reading, though Coates’ recent sparring partner/punching bag Jonathan Chait probably had the better kicker.

“A man explaining hashtags to a horse” and all your other new emojis.

This is why we hate you, BuzzFeed.

Facebook is probably trying to kill you. Just give in already.