Body Parts, Ft. Ben Affleck's Penis and Cameron Diaz's Lips

October 22, 2014

“‘[He] smiled, fantastically, and said, ‘What! Me? Worry? I am a dangerous man.’ He led me back to the door. ‘So get the fuck outta here,’ he said. ‘And get back to work.’” David Remnick remembers former Washington Post executive editor Benjamin Crowninshield Bradlee, who died yesterday at 93.

Can you Uber a burger?

Jonathan Kay, Managing Editor for Comment at the National Post, has disclosed the details of his minor and not-actually-secret involvement in Justin Trudeau’s new memoir. National Post commenters took it great.

Please stop comparing me to Cormac McCarthy.

“It’s not that women shouldn’t get plastic surgery; it’s that they should make every effort for that surgery to be invisible, seamless, unnoticeable. Good plastic surgery is OK, ‘bad’ plastic surgery—surgery that makes itself visible—now that’s abject.” Anne Helen Petersen weighs in on the ridicule of Renée Zellweger’s face.

Amanda Hess does, too.

"Her blood red lips evoke a menstruating vagina, and I am not scared about that because I am a modern man."

James Blunt knows that "You're Beautiful" sucked.

A helpful guide on how to see Ben Affleck's penis in Gone Girl.

America is the Czar of declaring Czars.

Jenny Slate: Pretend Girlfriend  

Whole Foods, vendor of peanut-butter filled pretzel balls and nothing else, just spent a bunch of money on ads.

In which GQ watches Nicki Minaj sleep and tries to get her to comment on butts, knowing that she finds such questions degrading.

A history of evil.

A highlight reel of Desmond Cole responding with unreal patience and grace to SUN TV's Jerry Agar, who does not believe in white privilege.

Chance the Rapper, Sleater-Kinney, etc. etc.