Becoming Unmothered, Michael Sam’s Big Day, and the Worst Book Review Ever

By Hazlitt

The worst book review ever.

“Meghan O’Rourke has a wonderful word for the club of those without mothers. She calls us not motherless but unmothered. It feels right—an ontological word rather than a descriptive one. I had a mother, and now I don’t. This is not a characteristic one can affix, like being paperless, or odorless. The emphasis should be on absence.”

The real Wolf of Wall Street storms out of a televised sit down interview and, in his best DiCaprio-as-Gatsby impersonation, tells his interviewer “You’ve got a lot of nerve boy, I’ll tell you!”

Keith Phipps explores the original Godzilla and “atomic anxiety” in the context of post-WWII Japan.

Marshall Mather’s relationship with his mother was of particular voyeuristic interest for people born in a certain era, a small window into the unsavory life of white trash family from Detroit, and the inspiration for the better-than-it-has-any-right-to-be 8 Mile. So it’s nice to see that the hostility has eased up a little in Eminem’s latest (and Spike Lee-directed) video, even if it’s in service of a terrible song.

Check your (Apple) privilege.

You know what also helps? Preparation.

“The big-time impostors we read about in literature run this risk constantly, flirting with destruction, not just humiliation or embarrassment. It’s a spectacle that we can’t help but find compelling, and it involves a certain level of courage that we sneakily admire, perhaps.”

“Since approximately 1831, the precise definition of ‘peace and tranquility’ has also been a matter of controversy.”

A fine day for the NFL: