‘The Ethics of Being a Poet’: An Interview with Jenna Lyn Albert

The author of Bec & Call on the role of poet laureates, the political power of writing, and capturing a sense of place in her work. 

The Year in Making Clothes

Threading a needle is a momentary sideline from a feeling that might otherwise darken me completely. That can be enough, and as a new decade approaches, I find peace in enough.

The McSorley Poet

My father’s stories come from a career behind the bar of New York’s oldest pub, among the alcoholics and loners and deviants who became his people and helped him find his voice as a writer.

‘This Brief, Bright Collection of Hours’: An Interview with Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib

The poet and MTV columnist on witnessing, mapping grief and joy, and The Wire. 

Our Adored Cadavers

From the heartsick graverobbers of early Romantic literature to the latest gritty cable crime drama, the dead woman is never simply mourned and forgotten, but fully objectified and consumed.

‘We Have the Same Language, But Definitely Different Rules’: An Interview with Lee Maracle

The author of Talking to the Diaspora discusses deep space, Harry Potter, and the language our bodies are speaking.

‘To Show What’s Not Seen’: An Interview with Christopher Soto

The activist and poet discusses their new chap book, Sad Girl Poems. 

‘Everything I Like is Uncool’: An Interview with the Authors of a Book of Rom-Com-Inspired Poetry

Vancouver writers Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli on what we can learn from romantic comedies, why unrequited love is gross, and why everyone wants to slap Nicolas Cage.

Never Sneeze in Front of a Falcon: Three Poems

Three poems found in the real-life remarks of Don Cherry, Charles Oakley, and Ronda Rousey.