On Writing

A painting of a man kneeling, surrounded by a circle of legs. He wears a white tank top and there is blood on his body.
Writing a Novel With Pictures

Smuggling contraband in from the realm of the actual.

A Definition of Fiction and Poetry

Just as a wall does not separate but binds two things together, language keeps us inextricably entangled and inextricably separate.

Learning and Unlearning: On Writing About Sex Work

There’s an easy way to avoid the clichéd, harmful, and just plain wrong narratives about sex work: actually talk to sex workers.

I'm With Miss Pamela

The two-day writing workshop run by famous rock groupie and memoirist Pamela Des Barres' encourages women to mine their past for racy anecdotes while exposing their emotional vulnerabilities. The result is something like an all-girl, hotter, Burning Man.