Paper Trail

'In Between the City and Your Body': An Interview with Liene Bosquê

The sculptor searches through old notebooks and observes the cyclical nature of ideas. 

'To Show What’s Not Seen': An Interview with Christopher Soto

The activist and poet discusses their new chap book, Sad Girl Poems. 

Set it on Fire and Start Over: Courting Failure with Idra Novey

Speaking with the author of Ways to Disappear about embracing impulsiveness, the common ground between writing and translating, and the purifying power of flames.

The Things You Purge and the Things That Stay: In Conversation with Brett Fletcher Lauer

"I think about the future only in the sense of dying. I don’t even mean it to be bleak—that’s just how I think of it. Anything I write comes out that way."

The Bones of the Past

Train-hopping across America, forgotten poetry, and rediscovering the lost notebooks of the anthropologist and natural science writer Loren Eiseley.

Six Collect Calls With a Prison Inmate About Writing

"I don’t sit around and think, 'Oh, I wish I was out right now. If I was out right now, I’d be doing this and that.' That’s just inviting pain into your life."

A Primer of Darkness

Butoh dancer Moe Yamamoto's notebook is a document of sustained transition. 

'A Surrender to All-Over, Non-Directional Horniness': An Interview with Wayne Koestenbaum

Talking to the poet and critic about his new book of poetry, Pink Trance Notebooks, identifying with "wounded speakers," and the mind as a demonically possessed Siamese twin.

Page Four: A Dalí Journal

Salvador Dali writes like he paints and paints like he writes; he is lyrical in his natural settings, and deeply symbolic. If only his diaries were all available in translation.

Page Three: An Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh

"I’m not comfortable with life on Earth. This life here feels really harsh and painful. It has felt like torture here a lot of the time."