Death in the Delta

When the Gaias were murdered, Mississippi lost one of the finest guitarists in a generation and a well-loved daughter, sister and friend. Decades later, the slayings still haunt the Delta.

Pride of Patchogue

My hometown is famous for a hate crime, and ten years after that murder, it’s not clear much progress has been made.

parent and a baby
Murder on Union Hill Road

In April 2016, eight family members were slain in their homes in Ohio. Nine months later, the killer or killers are still on the loose, and the town has all but forgotten the crimes.

'Why Can't You Behave?': Revisiting the Case of Alice Crimmins

Fifty years ago, Alice Crimmins's children died, and she was the prime suspect. The trials that followed ensured we'd never know who murdered them—only that a woman's life could be used against her.

The Real Lolita

The story of 11-year-old Sally Horner's abduction changed the course of 20th-century literature. She just never got to tell it herself.

Women on the Edge of a Conspiracy Theory

Karyn Kupcinet, Dorothy Kilgallen, and Mary Pinchot Meyer had little in common in life. In death, however, they share one particular indignity: having their untimely ends overshadowed by the ever-churning John F. Kennedy conspiracy machine.