Streaming Herzog, Getting Into Libertarianism, and Remembering L’Wren

By Hazlitt

Wu-Tang Clan is better than Shakespeare, says science.

The new Swans album, To Be Kind, is streaming at NPR, and it is amazing that you would do anything but listen to the new Swans album right now.

“He barely looked at us or made eye contact, but murmured a hello, then sat down in his chair, crossed one long leg over the other, and slowly unbuckled his watch. That’s as sexy as it got.” If you’ve ever wondered what it would have been like to have Philip Roth as an English professor, good news.

How to Write a Marxist Critique of Thomas Piketty Without Actually Reading the Book.

On Lara Logan’s embarrassing false Benghazi report on 60 Minutes, and why she may be too toxic for the show to take her back.

A look at the late Christopher Evan Welch’s career, including his breakout role on HBO’s Silicon Valley.

“I mean, if Facebook wanted to buy us all $100 backpacks, who was I to say no? Money was flowing from the air vents down in Menlo Park: $2.5 billion just that first quarter alone. A fortune in ads. Click click click. So much money you could hardly smell the brown bullshit through that green aroma. And besides, compared with Zuck’s media training and charisma lessons, the backpack probably cost next to nothing. He was good, and so convincing that his personality almost seemed real. At any moment now, I kept expecting him to have an actual emotion.”

Tupac lives. Maybe?

“In the eyes of the public, Jorgensen was no longer a man-made woman, but a gender terrorist in a blond bouffant.” A brief history of transgender pioneer Christine Jorgensen, framed within a “memorial bathroom.”

I’m kind of getting into Libertarianism.”

Wait, hold on, this is a plane? HOW.

“The tabloid reportage and morbid speculations that followed her death are in danger of obscuring this important aspect of her persona. She was fun. Really fun.” Simon Doonan remembers L’Wren Scott.

It’s easy to hate the Brooklyn Nets after watching them eliminate the Toronto Raptors from the NBA playoffs in uniquely heartbreaking fashion. David Roth, at the very least, inspires something like empathy for a city and a neighborhood asked to cheer for a team they may not love just yet.

“Me. I Am Mariah ... The Gnarled Utterer.”

Forty-three Werner Herzog films available for your streaming pleasure.