Shoe Truthers, Rick and Morty, and the Eternal Acid Trip

By Hazlitt

Who was tougher on corporate America as president, George W. Bush or Barack Obama? The answer may surprise you! Unless you watched this Matt Taibbi interview, in which case you would know it was (at least in his opinion) George W. Bush. Then you might be less surprised.

Shoe truthers.

"'Paradoxically,' writes French critic Michel Houellebecq in one of the more head-on takes on the H.P. Lovecraft racism issue, 'the character of Lovecraft fascinates us partly because his system of values is entirely opposed to ours. Fundamentally racist, openly reactionary, he glorifies puritan inhibition.' It is the presumptive we that bothers me most here."

The Rana Plaza disaster and the deadly cost of fashion, in images.

The New Yorker recently featured a story by Jeffrey Toobin about the takeover of a Baltimore jail by the Black Guerrilla Family gang. Here’s how Toobin tracked down former prisoners at McDonald’s.

Mark Eitzel’s website is the best website.

Are you "hanging out" with "someone"? This handy guide will let you know "what it is" and "where it's going."

Boys are gross.

Inherent Vice to Cannes: Naw.

The sad and frightening tale of the man who was on acid forever.

Which books from your past do you now read with ambivalence?

The awful power of #teens, Bomb Threat Edition.

Looking at Rick and Morty, which just wrapped one of the most perfectly crafted, totally bonkers first seasons in television history.

Donald Rumsfeld vs. the IRS.

Let's talk about butts and race.

Here's another incredibly dumb and manipulative video that will probably go viral for all the wrong reasons. (It's amazing that Dove isn't behind this one.)

The latest plot to destroy Amuricah.

Chicks love doing their taxes.

Don't let your buddies touch your testicles.

Snails are better than people.