Sledgehammer Pt. 3

"Oh my god. Why do you play these awful pranks."

Look Outside Pt. 1

"No matter how far we drove, I looked back and I could still see them."

Sledgehammer Pt. 2

"Okay, never mind. Go back to destroying the house."

Maurice, Son of Noah Pt. 5

Did she see the man, or just the soiled linen?

Maurice, Son of Noah Pt. 4

There are an approximate 239456789987565 flood myths in recorded history. Here’s another one.

Straight Expectations Pt. 4

You like that Duchamp thing but find this stuff sexist?

Banner for Maurice, Son of Noah Part 3 by Roman Muradov for Hazlitt
Maurice, Son of Noah Pt. 3

He whiled his days arranging petals into offensive shapes.

She's Done it All Part 6 Banner by Benjamin Urkowitz for Hazlitt
She's Done it All! Pt. 6

Is she stupid, and full of apocalyptic self-hatred?

Sledgehammer Pt. 1

If there's stuff in there you want, grab it. I'm gonna literally burn everything.