Saying Goodbye To Genie

By Hazlitt

A few great moments in the life of Robin Williams.

Why did Michael Brown die in Ferguson? What happened there last night?

BuzzFeed’s “not actually in the traffic business … what it’s really good at is not making lists so much as it is placing its finger on the pulse of what people really like to consume on the Internet right now—and creating products they’re going to love to consume on the Internet tomorrow.”

Brand new (very old) Fugazi music, coming up.

“The Drug Enforcement Administration paid an Amtrak secretary $854,460 over nearly 20 years to obtain confidential information about train passengers, which the DEA could have lawfully obtained for free through a law enforcement network.”

Extinction stories: The Millions picks some classics from the “ecological true-crime genre.”

"My News Feed took on an entirely new character in a surprisingly short amount of time. After checking in and liking a bunch of stuff over the course of an hour, there were no human beings in my feed anymore." One Matt (Honan) decided to like everything on his Facebook feed. This is what happened.

From the ashes of cartoonist Pete Toms' excellent On Hiatus comes In Post, a spiritual successor that's just as insane/thoughtful.

Sunday talk shows "...are invariably the most intelligence-insulting television panel discussion on a day during which their far more popular competition is usually the Beefcake Backslap Chucklefuck Hour on Fox, discussing how Stem test scores will affect our nation’s football readiness. "

We’ll miss you, Genie.