Progress and Suffering

By Hazlitt

The Moncton shooter has been caught.

“India state minister on rape: ‘Sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong.’” Noooooope.

(Takes hit off Maureen Dowd’s vape pen) You know those stars that are, like, double stars?

The dumbest thing about this dumb Slate post is that its author clearly doesn’t see the folly in intentionally angering the segment of the population that knows by far the most spells and curses off by heart.

Gladwell on ketamine.

You on faving

“Listen. There are two narratives here. There’s a narrative of progress. And there’s another narrative of the people actually suffering.” The New Republic interviews superlative human Ta-Nehisi Coates.

only article on Slenderman that matters.

How’s this for an unpopular opinion: the
 Fault in Our Stars film adaptation is better than the book. Could it be?

Is your 
favourite pop star a feminist? Is she?? IS SHE????

Philip Seymour Hoffman on happiness to bum you the fuck out this fine Friday.