Should You Be Tweeting? (Definitely Not)

By Hazlitt

I seen the fire come out of the barrell... I could see so vividly what was going on because I was so close.” Dorian Johnson, who watched his friend Mike Brown get shot to death by a Ferguson police officer, speaks to MSNBC.

Unarmed black men killed by law enforcement.

"America is not for black people."

In case you missed this stunning, compassionate, and (warning) at times very difficult feature about young pedophiles who don’t want to offend, or the Awl's interview with its author, Luke Malone.

“Williams’s aversion to dead air feels particularly uncool in a comedy-in-2014 context, because it seems so rooted in hunger—from a need to be liked, to Always Be Delighting, as if the crowd that has just given him a 30-second ovation might suddenly get up and leave. As the man himself might have said, of course it fucking was.”

Here are five of Robin Williams's stand-up specials to really make you sad.

"If we describe people as being 'on,' what word, then, can we use to describe Robin Williams, whose 'on' was at least an order of magnitude larger, more palpable than anyone else’s?"

And now you’ll have to clear an hour to listen to Marc Maron’s interview with Robin Williams from 2010.

Yeah, get it together, fatty.

My only complaint is that this Robert-Webb-aka-Jez-from-Peep-Show op-ed doesn’t come in audio form (he has the best voice).

These failed panoramic photos prove that life is full of terrible wonder and horrible magic.

BuzzFeed Books editor Isaac Fitzgerald is this week’s guest on the Almost Live at Mellow Pages podcast, so go listen to that.

A reminder to stop tweeting, talking, being on the Internet in general.

Oh, and the time Robin Williams was a giant Roots fan and expressed this to Questlove in an elevator.

Image via kris krüg/Flickr