Nebbish Pornography, Both Sides Now, and Where Do Ideas Come From?

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“But — obviously — nobody does porn just because they’re Jewish.”

Rod Serling, he of the twisted plots and grizzly voice, once sat in with a group of students to offer his wisdom on writing: “Isn’t the excellence of art dependent on a reaction from the outside, to someone’s work?” Lucky for us, we of the twisted future, the full thirty-two minute conversation is available on YouTube. Though perhaps his advice—and also, heaven forbid, his tightly woven Twilight Zone—is a touch dated. Like, say, Mark Guarino thinks Glengarry Glen Ross has with time, and with the changing political landscape, collapsed into a cliché. Hazlitt senior editor, Alexandra Moloktow, hosted an all female viewing of the film earlier this year.

Philip Marchand on Joni Mitchell’s creative and intellectual development is a most satisfying read. Likewise, this Quill and Quire consideration of Zine fairs as a way for book publishers to reach new readers, and perhaps even scout surprising new talent.


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