Living on Internet Time, Water Pump Time

October 31, 2014

Still from "The Shining"

“The Internet may not be subject to time, but we are, and so is everything around us.” Living on Internet time.

Where did the question mark go

"A good mechanical pencil is, simply, more practical. The existence of pencil sharpeners or pencils shrunk to tiny stumps through long use are foolish rumors of a bygone age."

RIP Pulitzer-winning poet Galway Kinnell

Why is everyone so surprised that one of today's most popular recording artists is actually talented?

“[There] is still a river flowing right through New York—there always was—but now it gets pumped out, except when it rains. But it just takes those pumps being stopped for 48 hours and there would be a river running down Fifth Avenue. I find that strangely comforting.” The Millions interviews David Mitchell.

Alexandre Aja, the director of the new film Hornson how The Shining influenced him (when he was way to young to be watching it).

"Sensory fiction is about new ways of experiencing and creating stories."

Be sure you have "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" playing on repeat while you read this article on the lack of Halloween hit songs. ("Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" is all we have. God bless "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah.")

The Problem With That Catcalling Video.

“When I decided this past summer to move into my own apartment after years of living with roommates, my anxiety took over completely. ‘Idiot,’ it hissed after I signed a lease on a beautiful little place in a not-quite-nice area. ‘How the fuck do you think you’re ready for this?’”