On Literary One-Hit Wonders And The Books On TV

By Hazlitt

Lars von Trier made an animated film at the tender age of 11. It's the tale of a sentient sausage rescuing its rabbit friend–and yes, it's remarkably on brand.

An American Pastoral movie is finally being made, and it’s set to star Ewan McGregor, who is in every film adaptation of great American literature for some reason.

"A visual essay on the tactile world of Robert Bresson."

The Washington Redskins have lost their trademark, thanks to those godless left-wing activists at the patent office years of precedent in which other trademark registrations for “Redskins” were cancelled because of the word’s offensiveness.

Literary one-hit wonders.

In 1974, Michigan State University's Artificial Language Lab developed the world's first speech prosthesis. It ordered pizza.

“The writer hopes for change, but writers can’t assume that their work is going to cause change.” Block off the next hour to listen to Ta-Nehisi Coates on the Longform Podcast.

A reading guide of all the books on Orange Is the New Black.

Don’t read the comments.

This store is basically cool with you stealing their clothes.