It’s After The End Of The World

Damian Rogers was born outside Detroit and lives inside Toronto. She is the poetry editor at...

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For Sun Ra

The bandleader seeks the sound of duos: call, response.
Lovers bicker back and forth in angelic proclamations.
This is the fight after the finish! Myth Versus Reality! The ideal
of lion versus the scrawny tawny body she shot on film.
Over the Internet friends send love in every direction. (Myth.)
Science approaches like a metallic mantis. There’s a scarab
in the mattress. The Egyptian March drones during a procession
of supersonic pushcarts. Do the Watusi, do the Twist. The dance
moves of Saturn are not for sale. Every childhood is a Black Forest.
(Myth.) Strange dreams in which animals appear as symbols
for other animals. Strange worlds in which we are not also animals.
When the story ends the screen is black. (Myth.) I see the devil
in the tree across the street. He speaks to me, remotely.
He says it’s after the end of the world. Why not. What next.


The Scene Report #21: Really Real
Wendy ditches the party circuit to reconnect with her mom and, unexpectedly, her younger self.