Killing Elephants, Hitler’s Most Hated Art, and the Dinosaur Black Market

By Hazlitt

Who among us sees an elephant in the wild and wonders what it would be like to kill it? Wells Tower finds out.

Finally, someone puts that Carl Wilson guy in his place.

The art Hitler hated: why art became an existential threat for the Nazis.

Okay, cute, Bill Watterson, BUT WHAT OF HOBBES

The Taj Mahal is getting a surprisingly cheap facial.

We're getting even closer to the day when you can roll up your e-reader and put it in your pocket. JUST LIKE PAPER.

A battle of the ages.

The dinosaur black market.

"Roxxxy’s roots were in the recreation of a friend lost in the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, but she has grown into a sexbot who exists to match and please her owner."

A computer has passed the Turing Test. We are in trouble.

“So then why write?” “For the completely selfish pleasure of composition, which for me surpasses the trumped-up pleasures of eating, drinking, and sex.”

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