Hating Men, BuzzFeed’s Millions, and the Joys of Outlander

By Hazlitt

Good morning! Do you want to cry? Here's a thing to cry over.

“But man-hating is not just for fun: It’s also a clever tactic for furthering the feminist agenda.” Amanda Hess on the delightful rise of ironic “misandry.”

Do you have a favourite out-of-print book?

BuzzFeed just raised another $50 millionHarper’s publisher John R. MacArthur still hates the Internet to a cartoonish degree. (“I’ve got nothing against people getting on their weblogs, on the Internet and blowing off steam. … If they want to do that, that’s fine. But it doesn’t pass, in my opinion, for writing and journalism.” It is the year 2014.)

“But the most compelling difference between the two series is Outlander’s committed, complicated portrayal of women. Game of Thrones is often celebrated, somewhat dubiously, for offering “complex” female characters—who then are killed, objectified, sexually abused, or otherwise stripped, at least in the televised adaptation, of the power and agency that rendered them compelling. […] But you know what Outlander has? A woman at its center.” Anne Helen Petersen weighs in on Outlander, which you should be watching (and reading!).

Also, here is handsome Justin Theroux on The Leftovers, another show that you should probably be watching.

Sweet Jesus, COME ON, GUYS.

We don’t know our neighbours anymore, and the effects of this isolation could be more harmful than we realize—mentally and physically.

There is no physics breaking space engine. There is, however, a lot of bad science.

"Why are people being so mean to me? I suspect it may have something to do with this photo."

Is Tony Stewart responsible for Kevin Ward Jr.’s death after running over and killing the 20-year-old driver during a race on Saturday night? And is the way we’re talking about this accident doing a disservice to Ward?

Computers are terrible at telling storiesPhew.

Let’s hear it for audiobooks.