Gender as Performance and Gambit Sucks

By Hazlitt

In which The Beer Store, a “foreign-owned corporate monopoly,” tries to brand convenience store clerks as the type of sleazy middle-aged men you do not want your kids to be around. Um, gross?

The New York Times has revealed that the investigation into allegations of rape against Florida State University star quarterback Jameis Winston was not much of an investigation at all. At Every Day Should Be Saturday, Jane Coaston on why this report and others like it remain sadly relevant. FSU, for its part, has expressed its disappointment—in the Times’ story, that is.

Oh, shut up.

At NPR, Libby Hill on professional wrestling, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and gender as performance art.

“A word about the trench coat: It’s really long. Totally practical for a master thief who engages in a lot of hand-to-hand combat. He wears fuchsia body armor underneath it. He speaks in phonetic-Cajun dat’s-dem-dere dialogue, like someone making fun of Dr. John. He calls men homme or mon ami. He calls women ‘mam’zelle’ and chere, and this inevitably causes women to swoon over him, since one of his superpowers is an almost irresistible charm.” Gambit sucks.

Is Stephen Colbert “succeeding downward”? What does that mean? Somebody at The AV Club tries to explain

Good news, dudes, it’s still totally okay for you to be fat

“Around 40, everyone makes two and a half really bad decisions. So why do I no longer care? It might be because I’m 52, and you really do stop caring about what people think after a certain age.” Worst. Person. Ever. author Douglas Coupland talks to Vulture

Hide your women: Joe Biden has Instagram.

Scientists claim we’ve reached “peak beard,” but maybe they just can’t grow them.


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