Every Day Murakami & Bookish Illustrated Puns

Start the week with a collection of literary pun doodles. (I think Frankensteinbeck is my fave.)

Since James Joyce’s work just entered the public domain in Europe and the US—Mark O’Connell has a nice short history of why that's a kind of big deal—we can probably expect unauthorized editions and, maybe, video games, to start flooding the market. If you're thinking of picking up a copy of Ulysses, the TLS blog has a good primer on which editions to be on the lookout for. And hey, if you start soon, you may even finish the thing before Bloomsday 2013!

The Murakami iPhone calendar app marks the passing days with a mixture of short stories and other musings from Japan’s contemporary literary master. I wonder how many days are marked with little reminders to eat spaghetti?

Is it a library, or is it a computer for students to hang out in? Or is it... the future!? (It’s a library.)