The Arcade

The Arcade is the flagship culture podcast from the award-winning Hazlitt Magazine.

Each week, host Anshuman Iddamsetty interviews outstanding writers, thinkers, and malcontents. Covering everything from high art to low-end theories, from Glenn Greenwald talking about NSA surveillance to Margaret Atwood’s thoughts on The Singularity, The Arcade has been hailed by listeners for its “careful and measured thought,” as a “FEAT OF PRODUCTION,” and for being Canada’s best podcast—”probably,” anyway. New episodes every Wednesday.


Bespoke Underwear
Episode 7
What the Doctor Said
Episode 6
Dragged Away and Disappeared, Legally
Episode 5
Live Free or Daikon
Episode 4
Tiny Mattresses
Episode 3
Black Hair vs. Baseball
Episode 2
Dawn Chorus
Episode 1