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A Wilder World

Episode #8 from The Arcade

This week…

  • Author J.B. MacKinnon reveals how to reclaim and rewild urban spaces in The Once and Future World
  • We speak with the minds behind the hilarious new comic book Sex Criminals
  • And remembering the war in Afghanistan with playwright Hannah Moscovitch and war correspondent Graeme Smith, author of The Dogs Are Eating Them Now.

Plus: A new track by Montreal’s MAS YSA.

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Host and produced by Anshuman Iddamsetty
Executive produced by Christopher Frey
Original theme music by Kirby Best
Podcast logo by Michael DeForge


Additional music courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
Russ Huddleston & Robert Smith Jr. “Family Vacation”
Marco Raaphorst “Au coin de la rue”
Origamibiro “Dusk & Umber (ISAN Remix)”
Origamibiro “Impressions of Footfall (Plaid Remix)”
Miro Belle “In Fielder” Sunhiilow “Le Songe d’Hacolhii”
Fields of Ohio “The Field Where I Died 1794”
Sustained Development “Unnerve”
Lee Roseere “Eileen”
Fields of Ohio “Song for the Rust Belt/Suitcase Blues”
Miro Belle “Pennys For Lame Thoughts”
Candlegravity “Tomie’s Bubbles”


Original theme music by Kirby Best