What the Doctor Said

Episode #6 from The Arcade

This week…

  • We talk to The Awl’s Choire Sicha about his new novel Very Recent History
  • Poet Warsan Shire explains the role of poetry in 2013. 
  • We hear a new collaboration between musicians Majical Cloudz and CFCF.

Plus: author Alexander Maksik on the obliteration of the present.

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Majical Cloudz “Childhood’s End (CFCF Re-version)”

Hosted and produced by Anshuman Iddamsetty
Executive produced by Christopher Frey
Original theme music by Kirby Best
Podcast logo by Michael DeForge

Additional music courtesy of the Free Music Archive:
Lee Rosevere “Illuminations (Radio Edit)”
Lee Rosevere “Eileen”
Marco Raaphorst “snachts”
Ducktails “Live At FoEG”
The Custodian of Records “Lucky Stars”
The Custodian of Records “Thunderstorm”
Monster Rally “Island on Fire”
Gross Gross Girls “Bloom”
Itsuqi Doi “Portable Communication”
The Trumpeteers “Little Wooden Church”
johnny ripper “amsterdam”
johnny ripper “paris”
johnny ripper “untitled (waking up)”
Blear Moon “Le Banc Dans Le Bois”
Marco Raaphorst “Au coin de la rue”
Monster Rally “Snoozer”


Original theme music by Kirby Best